We are a Scotland based health conscious company that deals with only natural foods. We create positive tasty foods that help people to snack guilt free anytime, anywhere.

We’re simply healthy

Its getting harder to eat healthy whether you’re on the move or in need of an energy boost in between meals. When you eat better, you look good and feel excellent. That’s why we’ve created a healthy snack option that you can trust. Thats because braw bars are made with 100% natural ingredients and are bursting with fruit and wholegrain oats. Enjoy braw bars as part of a healthy diet, providing 1 of your 5 a day and great slow release energy boosting you throughout the day.

Our story

The braw birdie’s story begins on a little known scottish island hidden way out to the west. A place famous for its many wild birds and even wilder weather. Growing up here was simple, even idyllic. An unspoilt haven where we could run around like “Free range” chicks and explore our wee island paradise without worry.

Everyday was a vigorous adventure full of discoveries and the opportunity to forage a little extra tasty titbit for that nights tea. Back then staying healthy was just that simple; eat local fresh produce, get outdoors and stay active. Eventually a whole new adventure began as we all flew the nest to the mainland and that was where we discovered that nothing in life is ever quite that simple.

Life in the city is hectic and pecking on lots of white bread makes you sluggish, so the birdie thought why can’t we make being healthy a little bit less of an effort and so much tastier for the whole flock?


Why the name braw?

Braw means ‘healthy’, ‘good looking’ and ‘excellent’ in scots. For us it captures a wholesome, hearty and vigorous attitude to life that you get when you exercise and eat healthily.

Competition Time

We are giving you the chance to have a free sample, to get one of our tasty bars please visit FreeStuffBaby, a Free Stuff UK site, that we are working with, so more people can be aware of this offer.